• 10% Discount for All Products Yearly - VIP Service

    Dear customers,

      Bigger discount is the most direct reflection of iGameGold VIP member value.

      Become our VIP now to help you save more and quality service.


    Discount Rate

    VIP Validity

    Price List

    2% Off

    1 Month VIP

    5 EUR

    3% Off

    3 Months VIP

    10 EUR

    6% Off

    6 Months VIP

    20 EUR

    10% Off

    1 Year VIP

    40 EUR


    40 euros Only, 10% Off for one whole year! Buy VIP to enjoy more valuable products in iGameGold.

    The above price are favourable price. iGameGold may adjust the price in the future.


    VIP System FAQs:

    1, If I’m already the VIP of iGameGold, but I’d like to enjoy more discount, can I continue buying  and upgrading my VIP to the next level? Will you cancel my previous VIP privilege ?

    If your 1 Month VIP is still valid, And you continue buying an 1 Year VIP, then you will be upgraded to the 1 Year VIP immediately, and enjoy the 10% off for all products;

    When your 1 Year VIP has been expired, the unused 1 Month VIP will be effected, and you will back to become the 1 Month VIP.

    2, If I’m already the VIP, and I buy the same level VIP again, will my valid time extended?

    Yes, your VIP validity will be extended.

    3, Will the discount rate change after i bought the VIP service?

    The updated VIP system and the price will be valid for all the VIP clients when they buy the service after the update. During your whole valid period, the VIP information will not be changed.

    4, Why I should attend the VIP system at once?

    Without no limits of your order consumption history, and only very little money to spend, you will enjoy the discount price ranged from 2% - 10% off for 1 year maximum. The whole money you saved by VIP discount will be much more than the VIP cost price during the whole consumption period.

    Beside that our VIP member can attend our Limited Sale, you can buy your desired products with our cost price.

  • Is my data safe at iGameGold?

    Various security measures guarantee you total anonymity and security while surfing on our website.

    Our shop is checked daily by McAfee for viruses and malware.

    The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protocol provides all-round protection for the transfer of sensitive data such as your email address or similar.

    We also use Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) in order to obtain your data bugproof.

    Every transaction you make is encrypted to make sure that your account information, Paypal, or Moneybookers data can not be intercepted at any moment.

    Furthermore we have implemented other security concepts, which should not be given away here.

  • Can it happen that iGameGold demands back the gold?

    iGameGold will NEVER ask you to return once delivered gold/credits/coins!

    If someone should ever try to persuade you to return already received gold, this person tries to scam you.

    If you take a closer look you will find that this person uses a character name very similar to the one of the actual supplier – but not 100% identical.


    We do not assume any liability for a product lost that way.

  • Why do I have to verify myself?

    Due to many fraud cases, we want to ensure you being the rightful owner of the payment account before completing your order.

    Only by doing so we can guarantee an authorized use of the particular payment account.

    Please note that this measure is for security reasons only.

    Of course your data will be handled strictly confidential.

    It will neither be stored nor passed to any third-parties.

  • I don't want to verify myself, what now?

    You do not want to carry out a verification and therefore cancel your order?

    A verification takes only a few minutes, then you will immediately receive your order.

    We want to protect our clients from unauthorized account access.

    This measure is for safety purposes only, your information won't be passed to any third-parties.

  • Why did I only receive a partial delivery?

    As the demand for gold often fluctuates greatly, we cannot always ensure that all requested quantities of gold are available.

    To not make you wait too long, we sometimes send you a partial delivery.

    This way you can already use that part while the rest is being farmed.

    Of course it will be delivered immediately after being back in stock.

  • Order status: "Delivered", but I did not receive anything?

    Gold, Kamas and Credits (virtual currency):

    - Please wait up to 60 minutes if the product is yet to arrive. Sometimes there is a certain amount of time between the sending and receiving of a product.

    - Restart the game if necessary. Sometimes, the updated account status is not displayed right away.


    - Please make sure that you have checked the email account with which you registered at iGameGold.

    - Please check your spam folder as well to ensure that the email did not accidently end up there.

  • I changed my character name, what now?

    First of all, we would like to ask you not to change your character name until the order gets completed.

    This just unnecessarily delays the process of your order.

    However, if you already changed your character name, please use the contact form to message our support staff.

    Please let us know both the order number and the correct information, we will rectify it for you.

  • I accidently selected the wrong server, how can I change it?

    No big deal, mistakes happen.

    In that case, please use the contact form to message our support staff.

    Please let us know both the order number and the correct information, we will rectify it for you.

  • I recently paid, but the order has not been mediated yet. Why?

    There are several possible reasons why your order has not yet been mediated:

    The payment has not arrived yet (for example bank transfers)

    In case of bank transfer it can take between 2 and 4 days until we received the payment.

    The payment has not been completed (PayPal payments - Status: "pending").

    In rare cases delays occur with PayPal payments. The payment is left with the status "pending" althought the money has been debited from your bank account. In this case PayPal needs to check the payment first for their own security reasons.

    We received your payment, you are still within the specified delivery time.

    We always mediate after the receipt of the payment within the specified delivery times and to the terms and conditions that are mentioned in the item description.

    Therefore please check whether the money was actually transfered completely.