10% Discount for All Products Yearly - VIP Service

Dear customers,

  Bigger discount is the most direct reflection of iGameGold VIP member value.

  Become our VIP now to help you save more and quality service.


Discount Rate

VIP Validity

Price List

2% Off

1 Month VIP


3% Off

3 Months VIP

10 EUR

6% Off

6 Months VIP

20 EUR

10% Off

1 Year VIP

40 EUR


40 euros Only, 10% Off for one whole year! Buy VIP to enjoy more valuable products in iGameGold.

The above price are favourable price. iGameGold may adjust the price in the future.


VIP System FAQs:

1, If I’m already the VIP of iGameGold, but I’d like to enjoy more discount, can I continue buying  and upgrading my VIP to the next level? Will you cancel my previous VIP privilege ?

If your 1 Month VIP is still valid, And you continue buying an 1 Year VIP, then you will be upgraded to the 1 Year VIP immediately, and enjoy the 10% off for all products;

When your 1 Year VIP has been expired, the unused 1 Month VIP will be effected, and you will back to become the 1 Month VIP.

2, If I’m already the VIP, and I buy the same level VIP again, will my valid time extended?

Yes, your VIP validity will be extended.

3, Will the discount rate change after i bought the VIP service?

The updated VIP system and the price will be valid for all the VIP clients when they buy the service after the update. During your whole valid period, the VIP information will not be changed.

4, Why I should attend the VIP system at once?

Without no limits of your order consumption history, and only very little money to spend, you will enjoy the discount price ranged from 2% - 10% off for 1 year maximum. The whole money you saved by VIP discount will be much more than the VIP cost price during the whole consumption period.

Beside that our VIP member can attend our Limited Sale, you can buy your desired products with our cost price.