The redesigned iGameGold finally arrives!
The redesigned iGameGold finally arrives!

Hello there!

When you open iGameGold's homepage again, you may be surprised to find that the site has made some changes. Don't worry, you didn't come to the wrong website, because the well-designed new iGameGold is officially online!

During this time, our technical team worked on the redesign of iGameGold. The revision of this website is a major project that we value very much because it involves the user's shopping experience. Fortunately, this project was successfully completed today, and we hope that the new iGameGold will bring you a new feeling.

Through this revision, we hope to achieve some goals:

By increasing the speed of your site's access, users can open websites faster and select the products they want in the shortest amount of time.

Reasonably modify the layout of the interface so that users can see the most mainstream game options directly on the homepage without having to spend time looking.

With a more user-friendly search function, you can use the search function of the website to find some rare items. This button is located in the upper right corner of the website, on the left side of the shopping cart button.

Maintain classic VIP discounts. If you have long-term demand for game currency, choosing the right VIP discount card can save you more money.

Now, if you have any questions about the goods or orders, you can contact our online customer service, we will be happy to help you!

The current iGameGold is not perfect, but our team will continue to work in this direction to provide you with better service. Welcome to give more suggestions for the development of iGameGold, thank you for your support!

iGameGold team

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Why Choose Us?

iGameGold keeps running our site with strict screening mechanism, to ensure all our products on sale improving with their diversity service and competing price.

Our ultimate principles are supporting our clients with little profit and quality service in a long term ship.

Our VIP members will rewarded with discounted prices and personalized 1 to 1 account manger service, and the security trading guarantee.

Our team has more than 14 years professional experience, and more used to listen to the needs and requirements of our clients. Customer oriented and 100% satisfactions is our goal.

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