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1. We log in to your account and give you the GTA $.
2. You have nothing to do but wait for the parts to be transferred.
3. Please do not log in to the account during the service.
4. Change your password and enjoy!

GTA V Online Money


1, Please confirm you choose the CORRECT platform(PC/STEAM/PS4). XBOX ONE will be online soon. 

2, Please confirm your account setting has meet all the delivery conditions. The details of the conditions could be found in the checkout page. 

3, If your order information is correct, then the PC/Steam orders usually take 12 hours to complete while the PS4 orders take 48-96 hours in general.

4,You will received an email after ordering. This email will inform you all the requirements and conditions you need to follow before delivery.

5,We will notify you by email once your order is completed.


What is GTA$ in Grand theft Auto V Online?

The GTA V (Grand theft Auto V Online) dollars are the basis of success in this game!

Indeed, without dollars you would not go far and your In Game experience would be less interesting ...

Let's face the truth, if you want to play well in GTA V Online, you'll have to complete missions to finally win a handful of dollars, and if you want to buy Shark Card, we advise you to have the financial means.

Why buy GTA$ on iGameGold?

Our iGameGold team has found a solution to this problem, it's fast, economical and efficient and we do not need your login details:

We have at our disposal a powerful team that generates the GTA$ in unlimited quantity and need only the nickname of your character on which you want to credit a sum of GTA$.

No more unsecured sites, forums where you send money to a stranger without real proof of any order ... Go through real professionals, with a service before and after sales.

How can I get GTA $ with iGameGold?

We have two delivery methods:

1- The money drop: the money falls from the sky and when it touches your character, the GTA$ are added automatically to your account GTA V Online, you do not need to give us your social club or steam, but this can sometimes be long for large sums such as $1 billion GTA$,  we need only the nickname of your character.

2- Comfortable exchange: You give us your Social Club or steam ID, and we take care to add the amount of GTA$ you ordered, it is fast, secure and you do not need to do anything strange, you log in, change your credentials and enjoy!

Thanks to our technology, our technicians can see in real time the money you own, get done, even if it never happened no malicious players can take you your GTA$, do not be worried about us anymore ask for confirmation from you before you consider it delivered!

Warum Entscheiden Sie sich für Uns?

iGameGold hat eine strenge Kontrolle über Produkte und ein striktes Marktforschungssystem, womit wir konkurrenzfähige und einzigartige Preise und Dienstleistungen gegenüber unseren Produkten bieten können.

Unser Ziel ist es, wenig davon zu gewinnen und hochqualitative Dienstleistungen zu bieten, um langfristige Unterstützung von den Kunden zu bekommen.

Die Mitglieder bei iGameGold können mit niedrigem Preis unsere Produkte kaufen und eins-zu-eins Manager Service bekommen, außerdem erhalten sie die Garantie für jede Transaktion;

iGameGold verfügt über ein professionelles Team, das vierzehn Jahre Arbeitserfahrungen hat. Wir orientieren uns an unseren Kunden und können die Bedürfnisse der Kunden besser verstehen. Die Kundenorientierung spiel eine wichtige Rolle bei uns und wir streben nach ihrer 100%ige Zufriedenheit.

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